This company is the best!!!! My tire exploded in street on Sunday when we called 100 places and no one even were available tow the car, but they came very fast and changed the tire with very good price. I definitely will keep their number and will introduce them to my friends to keep their numbers for emergencies. Thank you

Sara TN Avatar Sara TN
May 31, 2022

Honest pricing and professional service!

Billy Wong Avatar Billy Wong
April 14, 2022

I live in a condo and came down to a flat tire in my underground.Called On Time Mobile Tire Service and was looked after in no time Kenton was a pleasure to deal with had tire off and repaired and back on car within an hour much appreciated great service.

Mike Carty Avatar Mike Carty
March 14, 2022

I got a flat tire at around 8:30pm and saw that it was a huge nail and the tire was loosing air quickly. Managed to get home quickly and called these guys (Kenton) They were quick to respond and came right to my driveway within 40 minutes and repaired the tire perfectly. Absolutely amazing service with high level of professionalism. Definitely going to be my go to for mobile tire service.

Huzefa Mandviwala Avatar Huzefa Mandviwala
February 14, 2022

I needed to take my summer tires off and put my winter tires on. I knew if I went to a auto shop I would have to join the line ups. The process was easy I called and book ahead of time. He was professional. You won't be disappointed.

Tanasha Tanasha Avatar Tanasha Tanasha
December 14, 2021

Great service, affordable, fast and efficient. I had a flat tire and Kenton came to the rescue, he was able to come to my home and repair my tire..I definitely recommend On Time Mobile Tire Service!!

Sahra Sheikh Avatar Sahra Sheikh
November 14, 2021

We called this business as my dad's car had a flat tire. They answered right away and Kenton was at our house within 45 minutes. Kenton was fantastic, very nice. I would highly recommend this Company. It was a wonderful experience on a Saturday night!

Bella Marie Avatar Bella Marie
September 14, 2021

Kenton got me out of a jam while I was at work. I called for a simple plug for two tires, and when he showed up it turned out the tires were too far gone to just repair. I would have been stranded since my spare was already in use and I had no backup. He found a deal for two new tires and drove to pick them up and back in heavy rush hour traffic without trying to charge me an arm and a leg. Quality customer service, I can tell at On Time they see a job through no matter what comes up.

drunyon88 Avatar drunyon88
June 14, 2021

Amazing customer service and everything. I had a flat tire and since my car doesn’t come with a spare tire I was in a bad situation, I got a tow to a tire shop but they didn’t want to wait 5-10 mins for the car to get there and just closed their doors on me. I called On Time Mobile Tire Service and they got to my location within 40 mins, changed and balanced all my 4 tires and even dumped my old tires even though they didn’t have to, technician noticed that I don’t have any space to take them with me and dump them and he chose to help me out even though he didn’t have to. Amazing place, would recommend it to anyone.

Gika Production Avatar Gika Production
June 14, 2021

this company i called on sunday today at 9:30am. they were here by 10:30 my tire ws changed in halfhour lol. best service yet. great potential to take over the market if they ran a 24/7 service.

Alex Duru Avatar Alex Duru
June 14, 2021